A Made in Italy, plant-based, responsible restaurant concept making plant-based food cool, chic, and pop.

The lack of fully vegan restaurants and products in Italy inspired a responsible restaurant concept that focuses on high-quality plant-based food and drinks enhancing the extraordinary biodiversity of the Italian peninsula in new and unsurpassed drinks and dishes.

The meticulous study of each dish, the desire to offer surprising flavours, respect for one's own health and that of others, enclosed in one place, a special place.

Deriving from the Latin lympha "water", is the basic element of life, all life. It evokes freshness and purity.

In the design of Linfa, there are exclusivity and harmony: guests are immersed in refined atmospheres built with materials that are the fruit of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Attention to the issues of circular economy, recycling and ecology is present in every treatment and finish.

We want to share everything openly. From the short supply chain to the kitchen to the bar, both fully exposed, we hold ourselves responsible for the highest quality standards using only the best and freshest, biodynamic, organic and local ingredients wherever possible.


Via Bergognone, 24, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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